Vienna, November 2021 – Following an intensive research and development phase, even COVID couldn’t stop us: We are very proud to present LiSTO to representatives of the event scene for the first time.

LiSTO is an intelligent modular free-form system for the implementation of media-based and immersive entertainment spaces in a unique way.

With its unique combination of sound-transparent and at the same time sound-absorbing surface, which can be implemented seamlessly even in large rooms, LiSTO offers solid wall solutions for large-scale projections up to 360-degree panoramas – in state-of-the-art cinema quality and with the lowest possible scattering losses.

Highest customisation through standardisation

The unique modular design of LiSTO in combination with planning in the digital twin makes it possible to realise many projects with just a few standard elements. LiSTO modules are solid wall panels that can be planar, single or double curved, even complex or unusual room shapes can be realised with any free form.

A unique modular construction solution for immersive stage spaces

For the first time, LiSTO can be used to realise and construct fully immersive live stages and concert spaces. The most modern audiovisual media technologies can be integrated invisibly and maximise the audience experience as well as the versatility in the content-related and creative use of space for organisers and operators. Whether in new buildings, conversions or renovations.

We are looking forward to implementing the first immersive room projects with LiSTO soon.

The development of the LiSTO system was made possible thanks to a grant from the Vienna Business Agency (2019-2021).