Consulting & Project Development

With many years of expertise in the music, event and entertainment business bundled in our team, our LIMES service cluster combines the core competences required to create outstanding & individual, efficient & sustainable event spaces which bring your project to the next frontier.

In close collaboration with our acclaimed technology partners we conduct our own research & development, and our dedicated solutions and tools allow us to go fully digital in planning and realizing your project.

Our LIMES service cluster comprises of


You are considering to extend and enhance your project or venue by the means of new media technology. Or are you preparing for a completely new type of event space?

We thoroughly examine and evaluate your idea and existing project plan in terms of technology and content. In the course of the initial evaluation, we submit our preliminary and professionally sound assessment as to whether and which solution or approach appears technically, structurally and creatively reasonable and possible.

Expert Workshop

In a one-day or several-day closed session, we gather together the project’s decision-makers, all technical trades involved and invite outstanding experts and specialists covering subject areas such as:

  • Audio/3D acoustics/concert hall acoustics
  • Video/projection/display technologies
  • Architecture/urban design
  • Building industry

to work out the most important project components and a profound decision basis to further project planning of an immersive live event environment.

The resulting expertise and the collected results of the symposium are directly incorporated into the subsequent feasibility study.

Feasibility study

Based on the results of the above-mentioned expert workshop – or as well based on already existing technical and content-related specifications – we develop and formulate the requirements for the new, immersive event hall.

Thereby, the inclusion of artistic-creative aspects as well as the assessment of later users of the space (artists, performers, event designers, etc.) play an essential role. Spatial concept, spatial planning and necessary “ingredients” are described structurally and comprehensively.

The feasibility and interactions are cross-checked and quantified.Due to the early involvement of all trades concerned, the later costs of planning can be significantly reduced.

Construction costs as well as the time required for implementation can be calculated very accurately.

Project Planning

We accompany and plan your project on the basis of a continuously digital, integrative workflow that visualizes and dynamizes the entire planning and development process. In doing so, we work in dynamic 3D models and “digital twins”, which offer the following advantages for all parties involved:

  • Common access to a planning basis that is comprehensible at all times for all parties those involved, despite different knowledge and experience.
  • This creates a significantly higher and more differentiated wealth of experience for the project.
  • Optimizes planning and coordination processes while reducing the planning period.
  • Increases flexibility for scalability and variability of space usage.
  • Efficiently connects and interlinks the planning result (model) to a subsequent (digital) production chain with the highest possible planning reliability.
  • Energy and environmental issues as well as smart use (e.g. electricity consumption, material reduction) are included right from the start.
  • Integrates Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Smart & digital planning, engineering, performing

The advantages of the LIMES competence cluster:

  • Our consulting services begin at the first step of your project plan
  • We combine artistic-creative thinking with an analytical-technical approach in a unique way
  • We involve all technical trades at the earliest stage
  • We have and provice access to the latest in research and ahead of state-of-the-art developments
  • We apply a smart digital workflow from planning straight through to operation

Immersive Content Production

3D 360° Immersive Video, Immersive Audio/3D-Audio, VR/AR, Cross-Realities

We offer the full range of professional immersive content production services at the highest audio-visual standards.

Whether it is a classical music or pop concert, a multimedia show or a virtual circus performance – we combine creative storytelling with high-end media technologies to capture the authenticity and fascination of live entertainment and events and deliver a unique level of virtual and enhanced physical realities.

Learn More

  • Video & Visual Capturing
    2D 360° and 3D 360° Video Filming (8K and beyond), incl. editing, stitching, coding
  • Audio Recording & Production
    Immersive Audio production from Binaural, Ambisonic and Dolby Atmos up to MPEG-H, incl. recording, editing, coding
  • 3D Modeling, Animation & Visualisation
    CGI-generated virtual and mixed reality content for 360° domes, VR and immersive applications

Orchestra VR Recording Session

3D36 Video + Binaural Audio

Classical Club Nights for 360 VR

360 Video + Ambisonic Audio

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