Our team combines many years of sound expertise in the music, event and entertainment business and works together with internationally renowned technology partners at the interface between creativity, technology and research.

Our in-depth understanding of events being a seamless interplay between artistic production and technical implementation leads to highly creative solutions that incorporate the requirements of new event concepts and translate them into versatile, digital live venues.


Our Service Cluster

  • We connect artistic and creative thinking with an analytical and technical approach in a unique way.
  • We involve all technical trades as early as possible.
  • We have access to the latest results from research & development.
  • We apply an end-to-end digital workflow from the planning stage to the installation.


We examine and evaluate your project and your existing project planning according to all relevant technical as well as content-related aspects and – within the scope of an initial evaluation – we give our initial, professionally sound assessment of whether and which solutions for immersive event environments appear technically, structurally and creatively reasonable and possible.

Expert workshops

Within the framework of one-day or multi-day expert workshops, we assess and work out the most relevant project components in order to determine a well-founded decision basis for the further planning of your immersive project or event environment.

Therefore, we involve all project decision-makers as well as outstanding experts and specialists from the concerning subject areas, among others:

  • Audio acoustics/concert hall acoustics
  • Video/projection technologies
  • Architecture/urban planning
  • Building industry

The resulting expertise and results are directly incorporated into the subsequent feasibility study.

Feasibility studies

Based on the results of the above-mentioned expert workshop – or on already existing basic technical and content-related planning – we specifically work out the requirements for the new, immersive event environment in the feasibility study. From this, we derive the technical options plus solutions and cross-check these against all technical trades for contextual, economic and technical feasibility.

The inclusion of artistic-creative aspects as well as the assessment of later users – artists, performers, event designers, venue operators – plays an essential role.

Project planning & management

We accompany, plan and control your project on the basis of a continuous digital and integrative workflow that visualises and dynamises the entire planning and development process. In doing so, we work in dynamic 3D models and “digital twins”, which offers the following advantages for all parties involved:

  • Common access to one planning basis for all parties involved
  • This creates a higher and more differentiated wealth of experience for the project
  • Optimisation of planning and coordination processes while reducing the planning period
  • Increased flexibility for scalability and variability of space utilisation
  • Efficient connection of the planning result (model) to a subsequent (digital) production chain with the highest possible planning reliability
  • Energy and environmental issues as well as smart use (e.g. electricity consumption, reduction of materials) are included from the very beginning
  • Integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Whether classical music or pop concert, multimedia show or virtual conference.
We combine creative storytelling with high-end immersive media technologies to authentically capture the unique fascination of the live experience and take it to a whole new level of virtual and extended physical realities.


3D 360° Immersive Video, Immersive Audio/3D-Audio, VR/AR, Cross-Realities

Video & Visual Capturing
360° and 3D 360° video filming (8K and beyond), incl. editing, stitching, coding

Audio Recording & Production
Immersive audio production from Binaural, Ambisonic and Dolby Atmos to MPEG-H, including recording, editing & coding

3D Modeling, Animation & Visualisation
CGI generated Virtual and Mixed Reality content for 360° domes, planentariums, VR and immersive applications

3D360° VR Live Concert Recording

Brucknertage Festival 2017, 2018, 2019

Orchestra Immersive Studio Recording

Klangkolletiv Wien

3D360° VR Club Concert

C/Nights Vienna