Discover the event venue for the 21st century

A full-fledged concert and multi-purpose hall of the next generation.

LIMES – The Live Immersive Event Space is a unique, fully-adaptive visual and acoustic 360° multimedia live venue made for the digital age and for creating entirely new immersive live experiences in entertainment & show, concert & performance, and culture & arts.

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LIMES goes beyond the limits

The unique interplay of state-of-the-art projection technology and the latest of adaptive room acoustics allows artists and event designers to create highly innovative, fully immersive live entertainment formats and unparalleld audience experiences – be it in classical music concerts, multimedia shows, live broadcasts or conferences.

LIMES also applies modular construction methods and smart building technologies. As a result LIMES becomes an entirely flexible and adaptive environment – in a conceptual, visual and acoustic sense.

LIMES offers the highest possible spectrum of use and options for staging, performance and presentation

In one and the same room, LIMES can switch to:

  • a world-class concert hall with flexible & ideal acoustics for all kinds of music (classical, jazz, pop, rock, electronic)
  • an innovation platform for artistic performances of all kinds (symphonic concerts, musicals, operas, artistry, ballet, theatre, readings, …)
  • an extraordinary staging environment for digital, multimedia and immersive event formats or digital art exhibitions
  • a fully adaptive venuefor any kind of public or corporate event (annual general meetings, showcase & brand presentations, product & campaign launches, workshops, seminars, conferences, decision rooms)
  • multi-functional experience spaces (immersive lounges, versatile fitness centre, recreation area)
  • an eSports arena or public viewing are
  • a 360° cinema or full dome

The LIMES core features in a nutshell

  • High-end surround projections and adaptive 3D room acoustics, fully integrated
  • Visually and acoustically completely flexible and adaptable
  • Allows for highly variable stage positions, stagings and sceneries
  • Smart, multimedial and adaptable in every respect 
  • Scalable in size and shape thanks to a sophisticated modular design 
  • Built to the highest technical standards
  • Completely digital from planning, processing and construction to operation

The LIMES advantages

You determine how your event venue appears, sounds or is set up. LIMES:

  • Digitalises your event space in every respect
  • Always delivers ideal acoustics and high-end visual results
  • Makes no compromise between quality of sound, image and visual experience
  • Allows unlimited range of use cases for live events
  • Significantly reduces conversion and idle times, personnel deployment and operational costs
  • Offers modular scalability and is designed for different room sizes and capacities
  • Provides highest possible space utilization and efficiency

LIMES is a game changer

As a playable audiovisual “instrument” for new performative live formats and multisensual epxeriences, LIMES is the ideal solution for:

  • Music, Art & Culture
  • Live Entertainment & Tourism
  • Conference & Exhibition (MICE)
  • Science & Simulation

LIMES Mobile
The mobile and temporary concert hall

With LIMES Mobile we offer a mobile and temporary variant of our Live Immersive Event Space in the size of a chamber music hall. Optionally with complete event infrastructure (incl. foyers and artist rooms). LIMES Out-of-the-Box can be set up and installed as an temporary indoor or outdoor solution and is ready-to-play in no time.

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LIMES Mobile

A temporary concert hall and interim venue for extraordinary live events, immersive productions and cross-reality experiences in a real 360° space. At the crossroads between technology, art and creativity.

Features and characteristics

  • High-resolution 360° surround projection + 3D hall acoustics and spatial live sound + media server
  • Integrates the most important technical features of the LIMES – Live Immersive Event Space system solution
  • Based on modular container and lightweight construction
  • Freestanding outdoor or indoor installation
  • Short construction period
  • Mobility (rapid assembly and dismantling)
  • Optionally extendable with: foyer, catering area, artists’ and dressing rooms, manipulation spaces
  • Barrier-free

LIMES#Out-of-the-Box: Outdoor-Variante (extended), Copyright: LIMES GmbH

LIMES Mobile: Outdoor-Variante (extended) | Skizze ist nicht verbindlich. Copyright: LIMES GmbH


  • Approved for feasibility in terms of technology and constructional aspects: “ready to build”
  • Sustainability: all elements reusable
  • High degree of cost certainty

LIMES for individual projects

Your project has specific needs and requirements?

With our LIMES service cluster we guide and consult you alongside your planned projects, evaluate all technical options for immersive live experiences and collaborate with you on further planning and implementation steps.

In doing so, you will be supported by an internationally renowned team of experts with profound expertise in the music, event and entertainment business