We offer highly flexible system solutions for live event environments that meet all the challenges of future-oriented venues. Equipped for the digital age and designed to create unique, immersive experiences in live entertainment & show, concert & performance and art & culture.

Our dedicated and modular construction solution LiSTO integrates a seamless interplay of adaptive 3D spatial acoustics and large-scale immersive display technologies on the hightest level of vision and sound. Thus enabling us to create visually, acoustically and content-wise completely versatile and adaptable event spaces for outstanding event formats of all genres.

Whether for concerts, opera, theatre, immersive exhibitions & shows, conferences, corporate or hybrid events

Our modular solutions offer undreamed-of possibilities for staging, performance, presentation and interaction.

Use Cases & Possible Configurations

LiMES Arena

The ultimate immersive concert and multi-purpose hall of the next generation

LiMES Arena is a completely flexible, fully versatile multimedia event hall with top-level adaptive room acoustics, immersive high-end all-round projection and innovative stage technology for extraordinary live events, immersive productions and cross-reality experiences in entertainment & show, concert & performance and art & culture.

LiMES Spectrum

A spectacular venue for the digital age

As a unique venue for events and innovation, our LiMES Spectrum opens up a new dimension for events and cultural experiences of the 21st century. Digital-analogue experiences between reality and simulation become reality in the LiMES Spectrum. Unexpected possibilities of storytelling, staging and performance, presentation and interaction are created at the push of a button.

LiMES Hybrid

Future-proof and scalable in the exhibition, event and congress business

Our LiMES Hybrid complements the LiMES solutions with integrated infrastructure and state-of-the-art transmission technologies for hybrid and immersive events, where your audiences are physically present at the event location as well as virtually and can interact with each other. Whether for exhibitions, conferences, corporate or special events, cultural events or 360° broadcasting.

LiMES Mobile

The temporary immersive event menu

With our LiMES Mobile, we offer a mobile and temporary LIMES variant in the size of a chamber music hall. With complete event infrastructure (incl. foyers and artist rooms). LiMES Mobile can be installed indoors or outdoors and is ready to play in no time.