We are a Vienna-based construction tech company building immersive event spaces and new-of-a-kind environments for live entertainment in the digital age.

Our dedicated LiSTO solution, a modular free-form construction system designed to create immersive live spaces, is a unique interplay of smart building, adaptive spatial acoustics and innovative 360° display technologies.

It helps us build visually and acoustically completely flexible live venues with the highest scalability in room shape and size. This makes LiSTO the backbone for unique media-based experiences in the areas of entertainment & show, concert & performance and art & culture.

Let’s shape tomorrow’s entertainment together.


LiSTO – the intelligent modular freeform system for the design of immersive live spaces and entertainment environments

LiSTO combines a self-resounding, sound-transparent and at the same time sound-absorbing surface with a solid and seamless projection screen for large-scale visual displays up to 360° panoramas – for the highest audiovisual standards and amazong immersive productions..

Highest level of customization through standardization

The modular design of our LiSTO system in combination with its parametric planning software for a digital workflow – from the first project sketch to implementation – allows the flexible realization of different room projects, sizes and geometries with just a few standard elements. Even highly complex or unconventional room shapes can be realized with LiSTO thanks to the single or double curvature.

Thus, for the first time, fully immersive live venues and concert rooms can be created and structurally equipped with LiSTO.

Our digital and modular ecosystem