We are passionate about exploring and conquering the next frontier of live entertainment. We believe that next-generation live venues must be smart, multimedial and flexible in every respect to enable the highest possible range of state-of-the-art content and live event formats.

Our LiMES solutions are new-of-a-kind, highly flexible and scalable 360° live spaces and environments in which artists, event designers, presenters and promoters can create innovative shared immersive experiences. So that their audiences can dive into and interact with all-encompassing worlds of space, sound and cross realities.

Therefore we get the most out of the latest of new media technologies to combine these with sophisticated means of modular construction and smart building, so that we can support our customers and partners in achieving completely new and unique visitor experiences at the highest level.


Frank Stahmer

Chief Executive Officer

Lorenz Kazda

Chief Financial Officer

Heinrich Schläfer

Chief Technology Officer


As a technological system provider and integrator for fully immersive live environments and solutions, we cooperate with renowned partners and high-tech specialists from research, technology and design:

Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut
Laufs Engineering Design - NYC, Berlin
One To One
Viscon Virtual Reality
Graner+Partner Ingenieure