We are a Viennese construction tech company building immersive stage spaces and state-of-the-art event environments for live entertainment in the digital age.

Our LiSTO system solution, specially developed for immersive live spaces, is a unique interplay of smart building, modular building structures, adaptive room acoustics and innovative 360° display technologies. It forms the backbone for unique, media-based live experiences in the areas of entertainment & show, concert & performance and art & culture.

With our digital planning and production processes, we accompany our customers from the initial project idea to implementation. In doing so, we achieve the highest possible level of sustainability and ecological construction.

Let’s design the entertainment world of tomorrow together.

Frank Stahmer

Chief Executive Officer

Lorenz Kazda

Chief Financial Officer

Heinrich Schläfer

Chief Technology Officer


Specialists from research, media technology and construction

Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut
Laufs Engineering Design - NYC, Berlin
One To One
Viscon Virtual Reality
Graner+Partner Ingenieure