Live entertainment at the crossroads between creativity, technology & digitalisation

These days we are witnessing the triumph of the digital society. New media technologies are radically changing our habits of experience, reception and consumption. Innovation, interaction, participation and inclusion are the buzzwords – also in the live entertainment industry. Entirely new, formerly unknown forms of art & culture, event formats and media applications are emerging. Digital and immersive media technologies offer unimagined possibilities for the creation of new types of performances, content and the enrichment of experiences in the sense of the ‘Event 4.0’.

For the cultural, creative and event industries this means:

  • Audiences and customers
    are constantly demanding new content, intensive stimuli and unparalleled experiences of the highest possible level of emotionality, presented in an unmistakable environment and atmosphere.
  • Artists & performers
    are constantly exploring new pathways to shift the currently valid limits for the presentation of their work into new areas and dimensions. The latest of new media technologies included.
  • Promoters & event managers
    are permanently challenged to present to their audiences & customers, artists & performers solutions that are equally exceptional, forward-looking and economically sustainable. And thus sustainable for all parties involved.

This rapid and fundamental move has hardly entered the physical “scene of action”

The classical music concert hall, in its core concept, has hardly been changed for almost 200 years. Conventional multi-purpose venues, though more flexible, often lack a distinct atmospheric character. Their facilities and architecture – primarily designed for the analogue world – are neither technically nor structurally capable of fulfilling the requirements of “Event 4.0” formats or the ongoing digitalisation of the live event industry.

New hall concepts are needed to meet the challenges of digital-analogue worlds, immersive experiences and revolutionary storytelling

Venues that enable the development and processing of highly flexible and creative, innovative and digital event setups (visually as well as acoustically), thus enabling the potential of the digital media age to be implemented consistently, seamlessly and to be exploited in its entirety in any live event of today and tomorrow.

Spaces that allow for the highest possible spectrum of use and options for staging, performance and presentation, which no concert hall or multi-purpose venue could offer to date.

With LIMES – Live Immersive Events & Spaces we develop and offer groundbreaking solutions for these challenges.