A virtual Classical Music concert, live in a grand fulldome for more than 300 people in the audience. That is a big step out of the foreclosed environment of a VR headset.

We did it. With the help of the symphonic composer Anton Bruckner and his symphony no. 5. A thundering masterpiece of Classical Music which we had recorded last year in 3D360° combined with immersive audio.

The production was shot together with our content production partner Bellevue Virtual Media in the St. Florian cathedral in Upper Austria, the spiritual power house of Bruckners creative genius. Supported by Austrian electronics company Hartlauer, we transferred this unique music experience into the Hamburg Planetarium in Germany.

It was a more than overwhelming event for us and the audience. And we are very happy to have worked with the Brucknertage festival, their great musicians and conductor Rémy Ballot. A big applause to all our fully dedicated partners to enable this authentic shared immersive feeling of spatial sound. And a close to lifelike-felt concert atmosphere under the fulldome that has proven the incomparable power of shared immersive events.

With the support of the Austrian electronics company Hartlauer we transferred this unique musical experience to the Hamburg Planetarium in Germany.