Using the latest of state-of-the-art projection and flexible spatial live acoustics, the LIMES live immersive event space can be individually designed and seamlessly integrated into your environment, according to your individual requirements – and it becomes steerable at the touch of a button.

Variable 360° and 3D in acoustics and projection

LIMES is an interplay of:

  • high-end 360° (3D) dynamic video projection up to 8K
  • in sync with adaptive, active 3D live acoustics
  • allowing for flexible reverberation times and improved listener envelopment
  • combined with entirely variable stage setups and audience positions
  • an holistic, integrated concept based on sophisticated modular design, state-of-the-art technology and research
  • at the highest technical and constructive level

LIMES creates:

  • a multi-purpose hall for next-generation live content producers and their audiences
  • a full immersive and interdisciplinary multimedia theatre and performance space
  • an optimal concert hall experience for Classical Music, Jazz, Pop, Electronics,  360° broadcasting
  • an innovative space and engaging solution for conferences, workshops or brand presentations
  • an event space for new emerging art forms
  • all in one venue

The LIMES advantages are:

  • highly configurable
  • digitizes the event space in every respect
  • no head- or body-mounted devices needed
  • maximizes time and cost efficiency in production and transformation process
  • enables a virtually limitless range of possible use cases and live events of all kinds
  • allows for scalability of variable art and event formats
  • always provides ideal acoustic conditions
  • scalable in size and technical detail
  • adaptable to different room parameters and dimensions
  • based on modular design
  • integrated system based on hard- and software
  • updateable and upgradeable